Ricotta and Mint Omelette

Ricotta and Mint Omelette From The Healthy Heart

On a recent trip to Corsica I came across a cheese new to me. It is called Brocciu and is made from ewe’s milk. Unfortunately it is not available in the summer months as it is a fresh cheese and made with winter milk. In the summer months a replacement cheese is eaten called Brousse which is made with whey. It is similar to Ricotta in taste but slightly firmer I thought. I found it to be delicious, although I am told that it is not a patch on Brocciu – and it is very versatile. It is served in mini doughnuts, cheesecake, ravioli and even omelettes. Many restaurants serving traditional Corsican cuisine have an omelette with Brocciu and mint on the menu. In season of course. Out of season the omelette is made with Brousse I guess.

As soon as I returned home I bought ricotta and set about making my own version of this omelette. I would recommend that you try to get a fresh ricotta from an Italian deli rather than using the supermarket variety as the former has a better texture.

Some people still believe that eggs are not good for cholesterol control. This idea has been debunked and I eat eggs regularly as part of my lowering cholesterol plan. I don’t eat much butter – even though the debate about saturated fats suggests one can – but for making an omelette I do use a small amount of butter. You can use olive oil if you prefer. Using a non stick pan reduces the amount of fat needed.

I have not yet mastered the art of cooking two omelettes at the same time – perhaps I need to buy a second omelette pan – so I cook one after the other.

For 2 people:

4 eggs
1 ricotta
A handful of mint leaves, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper
A knob of butter

Break the eggs into a small bowl and whisk lightly. Add a pinch of salt and a good grinding of black pepper. Mix in.

Break the ricotta into another bowl and add the chopped mint leaves and mix in.

Melt the butter in a small, nonstick pan and add the eggs. I cook my omelettes on a medium heat and gently lift the sides with a spatula while tilting the pan. This allows the uncooked egg to run underneath the egg that has already begun to set. When most of the egg is set, add half the ricotta mixture (the other half is for the second omelette) and cook for another minute. Now carefully fold over the top half of the omelette and slide onto a plate.

Now make the other omelette.

Serve with a simple green salad on the side.

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