Falafel on Flatbread with Salad and Pickles

Falafel and flatbread From the Healthy Heart

Sometimes there is just no time to cook. It’s late, the kids are hungry and the fridge is bare. This happened to me over the weekend. Luckily I had been to explore a new Greek delicatessen in search of Kadaif pastry for a dish I am cooking for a special dinner next week. Sadly it won’t appear on the blog as it is not cholesterol friendly. Why will I be eating it while lowering my cholesterol? Well, that’s the compromise of the real world. I digress. While I was at the deli I picked up a couple of packs of falafel balls from the fridge cabinet. They looked really lovely – most commercial falafel balls are rather awful in my experience. A few packs of flatbread and a tub of tabbouleh just the way I like it – masses of parsley – gave me food to play with.

Back home it was really a simple assembly job. I warmed the flatbread and the falafel, chopped up a few ripe tomatoes and some baby cucumbers, mixed a tablespoon of tahini with water and a squeeze of lemon juice, opened a tub of houmous and a jar of dill pickles and let everyone get on with making their own lunch. Result!
For 4 people:

4 – 8 flatbreads
12 falafel balls
3 large ripe tomatoes
3 baby cucumbers
1 tablespoon tahini
A tablespoon of lemon juice
1 tub houmous
4 dill pickles (optional)
1 small tub tabbouleh (optional)

Simply warm up the falafel at 180 C for about 10 minutes. For the last two minutes add the flatbreads.

Meanwhile chop up the tomatoes and cucumber, open the tabbouleh, dill pickles and houmous and place in bowls. Add about 100ml cold water to one tablespoon of tahini and ix well until you have a pouring consistency. Add lemon juice to taste.

Lay everything out on a table and load up the flatbreads. You could roll them up and eat like a wrap but we ate these with cutlery as we had so much on the flatbreads they were too full to roll!

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