Crab and Apple Salad

Crab and Apple Salad From The Healthy Heart

I love to eat out although it is usually not good for cholesterol lowering purposes. Sometimes I come across a dish that tastes good and inspires me to have a go at my own version at home. Recently I ate lunch at The Wallace – the restaurant in the Wallace Collection – and was delighted with a crab salad as a starter. I lost no time in making one for myself at home and, while no match for the chef at The Wallace, I enjoyed my version too.

One of the new tastes I discovered at the restaurant was cubed apples that had been soaked in cider vinegar. It was fabulous and paired so very well with the crab meat. As with all vinegar, use the best you can afford as cheap and nasty will taste just that and will ruin your dish.

If I was on a summer holiday at the seaside I would buy fresh crabs and spend a lazy afternoon winkling out the meat. However, in the city I buy fresh crab meat from a good supermarket and simply wish that  I really was on that summer holiday at the seaside!

For 4 people:

4 generous tablespoons of white crab meat
A small bunch of chives
1 lemon
4 handfuls of soft salad leaves
1 fennel bulb – reserve the fronds for decoration
1 ripe but firm avocado
2 granny smith apples
A few teaspoons of good quality cider vinegar
Black pepper
Begin by chopping the chives very finely. Add  to the crab meat along with some lemon juice. Taste a little to see if you have the balance to your liking. You may want to add a few more chives or a little extra lemon juice.

Peel and cube the apples and put in a small bowl. Pour over a few teaspoons of cider vinegar and toss the apple cubes gently so that they absorb the vinegar on all four sides.

Using a cheese slicer, shave the fennel into very thin slices.

Neatly cut the avocado into cubes a similar size to the apple cubes

Place a handful of salad leaves in the centre of four plates.

Using two tablespoons, shape the crab meat into a quenelle and place in the centre of the leaves.

Scatter the fennel shavings around the crab meat.

Space the apple and avocado cubes around the perimeter of the plate.

Finish off the dish with a squeeze of lemon juice and a grinding of black pepper.

Enjoy with a slice of rustic wholemeal bread – a pat of butter would be a wonderful addition but I leave that to your discretion regarding your cholesterol level.

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