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Fruit Salad en Gelee

Fruit Salad en Gelee

This beautiful fruit salad was made by my neighbour who is a wonderful cook. She called me over to have a look at her creation and kindly suggested I use it for the blog as it is a low fat recipe. She explained that she had simply layered the fruits and poured over a mixture of vegan gelatine and grape juice. This makes it vegetarian too.

One could of course make this for a smaller group but I think it looks quite superb in this large glass bowl and served for a summer party. It certainly has the WOW factor.


A selection of summer fruits – here we have strawberries, grapes, blueberries, peaches, apricots and figs.
A leaf of gelatine, melted and mixed with a small amount of grape juice (just to sweeten the gelatine).
Carefully layer the fruit in a glass bowl.

Dissolve the gelatine and add the grape juice. Pour over the fruit and leave in the fridge to set.

Summer Holidays – 6 August 2014

Next week I will be across the pond on a three week trip to the land of oversized portions and equal opportunity obesity. I plan to get stuck in to the culinary melting pot that is the USA, eating as many different cuisines as I can feasibly fit into 21 days. I want to explore the food markets in New York and Washington, the delis and the diners, from pastrami on rye to the alligator dish I read about in a restaurant up the street from our hotel.

As our trip includes a week on Cape Cod, I plan to eat my way through a surfeit of oysters, clambake and lobster rolls, coming up for air from time to time for a cycle through the woods to find the French bakery.

Although I plan to walk a great deal between museums in the big cities – think elegant from the knee up and trainers from the ankle down – I doubt that my calorie expenditure will match my intake. So come September, I will be much in need of a bootcamp. I plan to get back to basics with cholesterol lowering eating, walking 5 times a week and starting with the Pilates classes which I have had as a ‘must do’ for far too long. All of which will hopefully get me back to a healthier place in time for my annual cholesterol test which should take place before Christmas.

Of course it would be easier to not overindulge over the summer holiday. But why travel half way across the world only to eat what I can do at home? I am well aware that New York is the home of the ‘hold that’ style of menu-ordering but in truth I don’t want to have any ingredient removed from my portion. I want to eat Korean khanom jiin naam ngiew, Mexican torta ahogada, Vietnamese banh Mi Chay, Cuban battered catfish, Chinese dim sum, the best Italian pizzas, not to mention the American pancakes, muffins, hotdogs, and mac and cheese served as side orders! I will have to pay a visit to a restaurant called Mother’s Ruin which just about sums up what this trip will be doing to my resolve to lower my cholesterol.

As I will be so busy eating, I will be taking a three week break from the blog while on my trip and will resume in September. I hope that you have some fun plans for the summer holidays whether it is a staycation or somewhere further from home. Enjoy and relax. Come the autumn there will be time for drawing in the waistband while walking briskly through the falling leaves.